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In 1974 comes the "INCOLL", founded by Antonio Turati.
Initially aimed at users of wood fiber products, as a producer, the company will move in later years in the field of real hardware which includes the plastics and metals.

Specialized in Eastern European markets, the Incoll builds quickly an efficient distribution network, which is still its strong point. Over the years, the company decided to open new branches and offices in several European countries.

The main office is in Italy Cantu. The company's commercial network includes various branches, warehouses and representative offices in Europe, Africa and Asia; and it is in Eastern Europe that has developed mainly as a sales network in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Turkey and Greece; but we must not forget the new markets in Western Europe, including Spain and Portugal.

INCOLL has more than 10,000 items in its catalog, with a constant commitment to research news.

Common goals, commitment, passion and professionalism are the INCOLL, strengthened by ongoing investments in technology and personnel.

With its thirty years of experience, INCOLL has values linked to its history and future-oriented: tradition and innovation, research and consulting to the customer, quality, technology, service and craftsmanship.

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Un costante impegno nella ricerca delle novità
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Filiali, magazzini ed uffici di rappresentanza in Europa, Africa ed Asia
30 anni
di esperienza
Tradizione ed innovazione, ricerca e consulenza al cliente, qualità, tecnologia, servizio e cura artigianale.
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